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Eyelash Extension




 About : 


Eyelash extensions provide a longer, thicker and natural looking eyelashes. Even without makeup, eyelash extensions give definition, enhancement, and more feminity appearance to the eyes. Facts: The upper eyelid has approximately 90-150 eyelashes on it, while the bottom has between 70-80 eyelashes. Most eyelashes grow to be 10mm long, just over 3/8 of an inch. Eyelash re-growth takes 7-8 weeks if pulled out inadvertently or by force.  





Individual lashes are applied to your natural eyelashes lash by lash with a bonding agent, about 1- 1.5 mm from the root of each lash. The glue and the synthetic lash DO NOT come into contact with the eye skin areas.






With careful maintenance, lash extensions can last between 2-6 weeks. It's contingent on eyelashes' shape, texture and how curly or straight they naturally tend to be.






Naturally, eyelashes grow and fall out in 2 weeks cycles. Therefore, we recommend coming in every 2 weeks for a touch up to maintain the fullness of your lashes.  


Note:  Every hair has a growth cycle. There are 3 stages of eyelash hair growth that needs to be taken into account:  


1)  Active Growth Phase - Only 40% of the upper eyelashes are in active growth at any one time (only 15% of lower lashes are in active grow). This phase lasts 4-6 weeks.


2) Transitional Phase - The eyelash stops growing and the follicle shrinks. This lasts 2-3 weeks.


3)  Resting Phase - This last over 100 days before the eyelashes fall out. Thus, each eyelash is in its own cycle so there are some lashes in each phase at all time snad most days at least a few eyelashes will fall out.




 Important to Note:


- If your eyelashes are too straight or too curly, we strongly recommend an eyelash lift before getting eyelash extensions


- For our customers on their menstrual period, it is preferrable to get eyelash extensions one day before or after. Also, if you are taking any special medication, the eyelashes might not last as long.


- Eyelash extensions results can vary depending on eye shape, lash line, and lash length selected.