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Hair Straightening


 ♦ What is it?    


A Straight Perm is synonymous with Korean Straightening, Japanese Straighetning, Rebonding, Thermal Reconditioning, etc. is a permanent hair straightening process. It is stronger than a keratin or organic volume treatment, because it has a straightening strength of 100%. Lasts approximately 6 -12 months depending on haircare and products used after the hair process. You can keep getting straightening on the roots of your hair that have newly grown during that time, to keep the entirety straight.


The process is different for each client as we look at the hair condition and elasticity. The less elasticity, the easier the hair breaks and therefore the more damaged it is. In these cases, we apply treatments for the hair before applying the straightening solution mildly, to treat the hair first and keep the hair healthy throughout the whole process. We also use the famous and well recognized SPASYS and DYSON tools and procedure to keep the hair healthy while applying heat.


 ♦ How Does it Work?    


A special solution is applied to curly or frizzy hair and our specialized SPASYS iron straightens the hair. Hair goes through a number of treatment(s) process depending on the type of the hair and its conditions. The end result is beautifully straight sleek hair. It usually takes about 2-4 hours depending on the previous hair parameters mentioned: type of the hair, its condition and its length.



♦ The Results:


The Straight Perm is different than traditional methods. We use high-end SPASYS hair products to produce the desired results. Uncontrollable curls and waves turn to sleek, straight hair. Your hair will feel softer and look shinier than ever before. Hair texture becomes incredibly softer. The best part is your hair stays straight through heat, humidity, and perspiration!  

** Find out more about SPASYS under SERVICES menu !!


Touchups on the hair straightening can be done on the newly grown hair from the root, instead of waiting to straighten the entire hair again. We advise this so that you can keep your hair looking striaght in its entirety and your hair routine simple. We offer this service at a lower price because it would be partially straightening your hair. 


♦ Before coming in:


Please shampoo your hair 2 times before coming in for your appointment or consultation. Do not use any other products like conditioner, serum, spray, etc. Finally, please let your hair air dry (not blow-dry). We ask this, so we can analyze the texture and condition of your natural hair. Depending on the damage and health of your hair, we will recommend what service is best fit for your needs and wants.


Please come in for a consultation to talk with stylists to know what treatment or perm is best fit for your hair and wants. We put the hair’s health as our priority.


Care after the treatment is very important. We will recommend premium products and care to be used on the hair after the treatment, as this will help maintain the hair healthy (possibly for your next straightening appointment) and the results longer.



♦ Other Straightening Services:


Organic Volume Treatment


The Organic Volume treatment is a service that resulted from client requests. This service is recommended for clients who want to make their hair more manageable and ready-to-go. The technique and the solution of this process keeps the hair structure hollow not flat, resulting in more volume. Also the neutralization step that is in the Korean Straightening process is skipped and so the process is convenient, quicker and results can be seen straight away.

While it has the straightening powers of the straightening perm, it also gives body and volume to the hair. So, it has straightening strength of 60% with +/- 20%. Depending on the clients wants and needs we can increase the strength of the straightening  to 80% or decrease it to 40%.


Keratin Treatment


The Keratin treatment or Brazilian Blowout is a process often found in American hair salons. While the process is aimed to result in straight hair, depending on the condition and texture of the hair, results tend to vary. This treatment works best on damaged hair and has a straightening strength of 20% from the previous state. The process creates a thin film around the hair. The results last from 8-12 weeks.

Most salons use ingredients in their solutions that result in the chemical Formaldehyde. This compound has been known to cause cancer and is very harmful for the lungs. At Kim Sun Young, the clients health is of high importance to us, so we use products that do not produce this chemical.



 ♦ Our Clients: